Customer Satisfaction Assessment Questionnaire

Dear Consumer!

The management of ОАО "Mogilevkhimvolokno" welcomes you and expresses its gratitude for using our products in your production.

Thank you for cooperation and please fill in the following customer satisfaction assessment questionnaire.

The information obtained will help determine main directions for improving customer service.

Information about your company:

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Assess your satisfaction rate of our products with a 5-point scale (circle the corresponding figure of the satisfaction scale)

Satisfaction scale:
5 – fully satisfied
4 – satisfied
3 – partially satisfied
2 – dissatisfied
1 – fully dissatisfied
Parameter Points 1 - 5
Quality of the products
Quality of the packing
Stable physical and mechanical parameters
Reprocessing rate of the products
Quick delivery
Prompt loading of the transport vehicle with products
Prompt drawing up of corresponding documents
Possibility to deliver the requested quantity
Price of the products
Payment terms
Politeness of our staff
1. Which criterion is essential for choosing a supplier?

2. Do we process your requests quickly?

3. What would allow you to increase volume of purchases?

4. Do you buy similar products from other manufacturers?

If you buy please specify the reason?

5. Which products would you like to see in the product range? (Please specify the quantity of the corresponding products you are ready to purchase?)
6. Which way of our products delivery do you prefer?

7. Do our employees make mistakes when drawing up and filling in the documents?

8. Which sources do you use to get information about our products?

9. Is information about the products on our website sufficient for you?
10. Do you have any complaints or comments about our products?
11. Your suggestions for improving our work:

Thank you for cooperation!