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Polyethylene terephthalate strapping band

Strapping band produced by OAO Mogilevkhimvolokno acc. to TY BY 700117487.032-2007 is made of material economically profitable for customers - polyethylene terephthalate (PET) of own production. Tenacity of PET strapping band can be compared with steel strap.

PET strapping band is used for strapping of average and heavy weight goods; strapping band width is from 12,5 to 19 mm, its thickness is from 0,5 to 1,0 mm. The band is produced in bobbins reeled on cylindrical spools. PET strapping band of high tenacity is used all over the world for packing and transporting various goods: timber and shaped timber (board, beam, plywood, particle board), bricks, fire resistant rolled metal products, household appliances, fastening of goods on pallets, etc. Using of PET strapping band for strapping of heat traces insulation is a great challenge. Insulation can be of different types, thus strapping band tension does not reduce in course of time at temperature drop from +50oC in summer to -50oC in winter.

The advantages of PET strapping band produced by OAO Mogilevkhimvolokno are as follows:

  • economical efficiency (taking into account higher resistance of PET strapping band to dynamic load, cost of packing is 20-30% lower as compared to that as a steel strap);
  • weather resistance (PET strapping band does not become rusty and does not leave rusty spots on cargo surface);
  • PET strapping band does not damage cargo surface, that allows not to use protective angles in most cases;
  • easy to use during transportation and storage (weight of PET strapping band is 7 times less than other straps; absence of sharp edges eliminates cuts).

Various fastening techniques of PET strapping band can be used, including a mechanical one steel clamp, plastic clamp or other clamp or a buckle, using thermo bonding technique.

Physical and mechanical characteristics of PET strapping band are indicated in the following table:

Type of strapping band Tensile strength,
N, not less than
Elongation at break,
%, not more than
Misalignment in horizontal plane,
mm, not more than
12,5 x 0,5 2600 18 30
12,5 x 0,6 3000 18 30
12,5 x 0,7 3500 18 30
15,0 x 0,4* 2500 9,5 30
15,0 x 0,6 3600 18 30
15,0 x 0,7 4200 18 30
15,0 x 0,8 4800 18 30
15,5 x 0,88
5456 18 30
16,0 x 1,0 6400 18 30
19,0 x 0,8 6080 18 30