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SPET 8200 grade "L" - for disposable bottles for mineral water, soft and low alcohol drinks, 6.0 & 9.0 % vinegar, juices, vegetable oils, jelly, paste, free-flowing & solid food products, as well as for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other household chemical goods.

Name of Characteristic SPET 8200 grade "L"
BY 700117487.004-2009
Appearance and Color Chips of white color
Weight of 50 Chips, g  
Dust Weight Fraction, %, no more than 0.05
Intrinsic Viscosity, dl/g 0.78-0.82
Melting Point,  
Color Difference in Units CIELAB MKO 1976 with d/10, D65/10
- L*, not less than:
- a*
- b*, not more than
Acetaldehyde Weight Fraction, ppm, no more than 1.0


Type of Package Size of One Package, m Gross Weight of a Big-Bag, kg
Special Soft Containers type of "Big-Bag" Type 1x1x1.2 10003.3