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Thermosetting Polyolefine Films (TY BY 790133562.009-2011)

Thermosetting polyolefine film is used for packing of food products ( bakery and confectionery products, tea, semi-finished products, fast food products, deep-frozen products, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, seafood, etc.), as well as for packing of toys, cosmetics, various printed articles (newspapers, magazines, CD/DVD), finishing materials (wallpaper, wall panels, ceiling panels, etc.), office supplies, household articles, articles for industrial and technical application, for packing of light industry and household articles and consumer goods.
The film is used at manual, semi-automatic and automatic thermosetting packing machines.

Parameter description Standard value
Form of manufacture Roll
Film shape web half sleeve
Film thickness, mm 0,0125-0,0250
Film width, mm 350-1500 200-850
Roll diameter, mm ≤ 350
Internal diameter of tube, mm 76
Shelf life 36 months from the date of production
Storage conditions Indoor storage at temperature -30 to + 35 , avoid direct sunlight
Packing type Boxes made of corrugated cardboard; palletized unit loads