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Polyethylene film (GOST 10354-82)

Polyethylene film is used as packing material in different branches of national economy; in consumer goods production. The film can be produced colored, uncolored, stabilized and non stabilized.

Parameters Standart
Form of production Roll
Film type sheet, sleeve and half sleeve
Film grade
Application production of technical articles, building of temporary structures, protective covers, packing of combined films consumer goods production, for packing, household goods.
Film thickness, mm 0,020-0,200
Film width , mm 3000
Paper Core Inner Diameter, mm 76
Storage time Without additives 10 years, with additives 1 year from manufactured day
Storage conditions Keep in closed storages, avoid sunlights, keep in the horizontal position at temperature from 5 till 40°.
Packing Rolls are packed into polyethylene film with one-two layers and are fixed on the end faces; Transport bags