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Indoor fire-fighting device "UVKP"

1. Purpose of device
Indoor fire-fighting device is for fire fighting by occupants at early stage. Device can be installed near indoor water network with operating pressure till 0,6 MPa after water counter in any convenient place according to design documentation.
ATTENTION: Its forbidden to fight fire with device of electrical devices and electric wiring live. Obligatory disconnect from mains.

2. Main technical data and characteristics
Description of parameters Values
1 overall dimensions, not more 31630159
2 mass, kg, not more 1,5
3 length of fire hose, m 15±0,5
4 outside thread for connecting device to valve of water system G ½' according to GOST 6357
5 length of water jet, m, with operating pressure 0,6 MPa not less 3
6 operating pressure in net, MPa 0,1-0,6

3. Design of device
Device "UVKP" (Fig.1) consists of housing 1, where fire hose is double rolled 2. On fire hose there is nozzle 3 for water supply regulation. Nozzle close water flow. From backing side of fire hose fixed fitting 4, for connecting to water tap with internal thread G ½.

Fig.1 - Design of "UVKP"
1 housing, 2 fire hose, 3 nozzle, 4 fitting, 5 fixture.

4. Components
Scope of supply:
box 1 piece
fire hose with nozzle and fitting 1 piece
dowels with screws 5x30 2 sets
MSDS 1 piece

5. Installation of device
5.1 Mount device to building structures through holes in back side of housing with fixing parts.
5.2 After installation loose fixture of fitting, take it and roll fitting into tap.
5.3 Stretch fire hose through output of housing, put on fitting and tight fixture.
5.4 After installation check off state of tap and nozzle to avoid flooding.
5.5 Install indoor fire-fighting device according to design documentation.