OAO ôMogilevkhimvoloknoö ľ a winner of the contest
   źThe Best Products of the Republic of Belarus╗-2017

At the end of December, 2017, OAO ôMogilevkhimvoloknoö (The Decision by State Standardization Committee of the Republic of Belarus, Nr. 29 dated 29.12.2017) was declared a winner of the contest źThe Best Products of the Republic of Belarus╗- 2017 for the following commodity items:

- Biaxially Oriented Polypropelene (BOPP) Film, grade Đ═1

BOPP Film, grade Đ═1 provides lower (when compared with previous grades) Initial Sealing Temperature (IST) without Sealing Strength deterioration.

Application: production of metalized multi-layer films and combined materials, packing for food, medical articles, perfumes, cigarettes, garments, cultural and general purposes articles.

Thickness: 20-40 microns, width: 100 - 1640 mm, rolls. The Film may be processed at high-capacity packing machines.

- Polyester Fiber (Short Cut), Dull, Straight, tex 0,17, cut length - 6 mm

Due to stable physical and mechanical parameters (moisture content, linear shrinkage included), complete water dispersability, short cut Polyester Fibers sustain their application properties in finished goods thus being widely applied in production of synthetic papers and filtering materials, used as wallpaper base and paper for bond papers and banknotes, and also as reinforcement additive for ready-mix concrete (RMC).

- Air-Entangled Polyester Industrial Yarn, type ╠ 980 structure 220 tex § 3 Z 50

Air-Entangled Polyester Industrial Yarn, type ╠ 980 structure 220 tex § 3 Z 50 (twisted) is manufactured at the up-to-date production line of combined spinning-drawing-winding with subsequent cabling and twisting. The Yarn has a high Breaking Tenacity alongside with relatively low Breaking Elongation and Linear Shrinkage.

The combination of the above mentioned properties allows to widely use the Air-Entangled Polyester Industrial Yarn in production of geotextiles (woven and warp knitted fabrics), industrial fabrics of various application.

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