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Potassium sulfate is mainly used in agriculture as mineral fertilizer in liquid and solid form and also as raw material for manufacturing of complex fertilizers.

Potassium sulfate is produced as byproduct of fatty acid methyl ester (biodiesel) production process where potassium sulfate is purified from impurities by methanol washing, decantation and drying.

Composition of pasty potassium sulfate from FAME production process (wt. %)
K2SO4 53,0
KHSO4 20,2
C6H5K3O7 (potassium citrate) 9,1
FAME 2,0
Free fatty acids 1,0
Methanol 7,0
Glycerine 5,0
Water 0,5
Mechanical impurities 2,2

Selling of this product is problematical because due to its physical and chemical characteristics application area of pasty potassium sulfate is limited.

Main obstacle to potassium sulfate use as fertilizer is presence of methanol residues (methanol is a poisonous substance).

"Mogilevkhimvolokno" invites potential partners to cooperation in arrangement of potassium sulfate processing and is ready to consider proposals from R&D institutes for development of potassium sulfate purification technologies as well as proposals for selling of the potassium sulfate to interested consumers. Estimated cost of potassium sulfate will be 40 US dollars/ton (in equivalent).